Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being considerate of and taking responsibility for society and the environment is fundamental to the way DEA Norge conducts business. Our responsibility lies in how we integrate the interests of society, people and the environment into our core business activities and in our interaction with other actors, the environment and our community.

Integrating our corporate responsibility in what we do means for example taking necessary precautionary measure and to apply the “precautionary principle” to ensure our footprint and effect on the environment we operate in is as small as possible. This includes a special consideration for the marine biological environment on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

We always carry out appropriate risk assessments prior to operations and we contribute to developing the strictest standards for HSSEQ in the world. We create value for society at large by being a solid and substantial employer, and by our contribution to the Norwegian economy.  

DEA Norge is committed to the Norwegian society and is in active dialogue with local communities along the Norwegian coast, where we operate. We are invested in our employees well-being and health, and facilitate their professional development and a good and welcoming working environment.


Examples of what we do

We have been part of Norwegian society for more than 40 years and want to continue to contribute to various social and cultural arenas in Norway. Our commitment stretches far and wide and includes:

DEA Norge’s Music Scholarship Programme

This programme aims to promote cultural exchange between Germany and Norway, focusing on classical music. Each year up to four music students are awarded grants giving them the opportunity to study music in Germany for a period of five to ten months.

DEA Norge’s Music Scholarship Programme is a partnership between DEA and Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (the business community's innovation agency for the German science system). The programme is financed by DEA’s Music Foundation.

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum DEA Norge contributed to the establishment of the Norwegian Petroleum Museum and currently supports the museum’s operations and further development.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Main Field Trip

DEA Norge supports the main field trip for the master’s programme at the NTNU’s Institute for Petroleum Technology and Applied Geophysics, which is held in the students’ fourth year of study. These field trips visit important oil and gas production areas or geological analogues outside the Norwegian Shelf and are intended to add an international and practical dimension to the programme.

Geology Day

Geology Day is arranged by the Norwegian Geological Society and is an annual nationwide event aimed at teaching the public, in particular children and young people, more about geology. DEA Norge supports this event with the active participation of its employees and through financial support.

Employee's Volunteer Initiatives

DEA Norge wants to support volunteer work performed by its employees and encourages staff to apply to the company for funding for any volunteer projects they may be involved in. The main beneficiaries of contributions under this scheme have been various sports teams and school bands.