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Stavanger, 15.01.2019

Nine new licences in Norway

The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has awarded nine new licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) to DEA in this year’s Awards in Predefined Areas (APA). 

Three of the awarded licences are located in the North Sea , four in the Norwegian Sea and two in the Barents Sea. DEA will be operator in three of the licences.

DEA’s Exploration Manager in Norway, Svend Erik Pettersson is pleased with the results: 

“The awarded licences are located in our core areas on the NCS. These awards demonstrate that DEA sees potential in Norway, and that the company wants to continue the high activity level on the NCS. We are very pleased with the licences and the partnerships”, he says. 

DEA has been involved in several discoveries on the NCS, and has grown to become a key player on the shelf. Managing Director of DEA in Norway, Jon Sandnes believes the awarded areas will strengthen the DEA license portfolio further. He says:   

“We are experiencing increased activity across the entire oil and gas value chain as an active partner in licenses and collaboration projects. With the new licences, DEA will continue to grow in line with our overall business strategy. The awarded operatorships prove the continued confidence of the Norwegian authorities in DEA’s ambitions and competencies”, Sandnes says.

DEA has a solid and promising license portfolio in Norway consisting of assets in all main phases, in every region of the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). At present, DEA has shares in 51 licenses on the NCS.

Awards in Predefined Areas is the annual licensing round for award of licences in mature areas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, with known geology and good infrastructure. The APA system was established in 2003.

In the APA 2018, 33 companies have been offered ownership interests in a total of 83 production licences on the Norwegian Shelf  This is the largest number ever awarded in one licensing round.

The following licences were awarded to DEA in Norway:

North Sea:                  PL 782SD (20%), PL 989 (40%, operator), PL 418B (10%)

Norwegian Sea:          PL 1010 (60% operator), PL 838B (30%), PL 937B (30%), PL 1000 (30%)

Barents Sea:               PL 1027 (20%), PL 1021 (50%, operator)


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