In Norway, DEA is building a balanced portfolio by:  

  • Exploring for large new fields that can be developed over the next decades

  • Securing a mix of prospects in different areas and geological plays.

  • Planning near field exploration to maximize value of fields we are already partners in.

Operating in all areas of the NCS

North SeaNorwegian SeaBarents Sea
Have prospects that can be developed more quickly as tie-backs to existing infrastructure.Holds significant upside potential in new geological play models that are yet to be fully understood.More than half of the undiscovered resources on the NCS lie in the Barents Sea.
DEA has participated in 128 exploration wells and 29 discoveries in the North Sea.DEA has participated in 41 exploration wells and 24 discoveries in the Norwegian SeaDEA has participated in 28 exploration wells and 10 discoveries in the Barents Sea


The DEA approach

  • Operate in a safe and environmentally sensitive way: taking learnings from our long history of operations in Norway and elsewhere in the world into account when planning our exploration activities
  • Investing in new data and technology: to improve the way work on a day to day basis, as well as delivering improved exploration success rates in a more cost effective manner
  • Explore in a cost efficient manner: utilizing our large data and knowledge bases built up over more than 45 years of exploring on the NCS, and by partnering with other successful explorer